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national center for agricultural


 behavioral health



AgriWellness, in partnership with the State Public Policy Group in Des Moines, is working to establish a National Center for Agricultural Behavioral Health.  The concept of a National Center has been endorsed by the National Rural Health Association and the National Association for Rural Mental Health.  A National Center for Agricultural Behavioral Health is needed to bring particular focus to the unaddressed stress, mental health and addictions treatment needs of the agricultural community.  A National Center will:

  • Undertake research on critical behavioral health issues of the agricultural population
  • Serve as a repository and clearinghouse for information about agricultural behavioral health
  • Form policy that addresses behavioral health service delivery in agricultural and rural communities
  • Conduct research
  • Teach and promote agricultural behavioral health as part of the preparation of professionals to work with the agricultural population
  • Develop agricultural behavioral health and safety practices which reduce health risks and stigma about behavioral health services among the agricultural population
  • Provide technical support and consultation to educational institutions, health service delivery programs, government planning agencies and organizations which assist the rural agricultural population and the professionals who serve them.

For more information contact AgriWellness