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available trainings


From a provider:

"My participation in the [training] has increased my skills as a professional and has allowed me to effectively interact and serve a population of people that I previously could not have identified with or understood."


AgriWellness Educational Workshops and Presentation Topics Available

AgriWellness has training and experienced staff and partners who are available to provide education and training on a variety of topics related to agricultural behavioral health.  Some topics are listed below.  Materials can be provided in Spanish.

Agricultural Behavioral Health for Professionals

  • Considering farm cultures in service delivery

  • Suicide prevention

  • Integrating behavioral health care into primary health care

  • Understanding common health risks of agricultural populations and what can be done to minimize these risks

Outreach to Rural and Agricultural Populations

  • Equipping telephone responders with skills to respond to agricultural caller concerns

  • Community education and outreach methods designed to make health care affordable, accessible and acceptable

Preparation of Disaster Responders for             Behavioral Health Issues

Community Education

  • Need for healthy producers of food and fiber

  • Building community understanding of agricultural behavioral health issues

  • Building Community Systems that Prevent Substance misuse

For further information or inquiries about topics not listed, please contact AgriWellness.