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AgriWellness, Inc. is the leading voice for the behavioral health of people involved in agriculture.  Our national organization offers four membership categories.


"Hopefully your services will reach many more in need through the years to come.  Those who have been through it understand.  And let me tell you, farmers are a tough breed to begin with, so when one reaches out for help...well, that says a lot!"

--From a person who knows

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Membership Information  

Acceptance Mark

Individual Annual Membership -$75

Individual Student Annual Membership -$45               

One membership in AgriWellness national organization, which builds behavioral health supports for the agricultural population

Receive monthly research-based electronic newsletter, The AgriWellness Voice

Discounted rate for one individual to attend the AgriWellness conference

Representation in advocacy efforts at the national level

Access for one individual to webinars and training programs at discounted rates

Organizational Annual Membership - $350

Up to five individuals in the organization become members in the AgriWellness national organization (one individual is the primary contact)

Five individuals in the organization receive monthly research-based electronic newsletter, The AgriWellness Voice

Discount rate for five individuals to attend the AgriWellness conference

Representation of the organization in advocacy efforts at the national level

Free access to webinars and and discounted rates on training programs for five individuals

State Affiliate Annual Membership - $1,250

Each state affiliate has one vote on AgriWellness actions but up to three individuals may serve on the national Board of Directors

One agency/organization is the main partner and leads the state coalition

Up to three state coalition entities (up to a total of ten individuals) may receive  benefits, monthly electronic newsletter, The AgriWelllness Voice, free access to webinars, professional training discounts, advocacy in efforts at the national level. 

Expected to follow standardized methods of reporting data regularly and will receive data summaries

Consultation and technical assistance in the delivery of agricultural behavioral health services at discounted rate